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Minimalism series: 10 things I stopped buying as a minimalist

It’s funny how sometimes, even the concept of becoming a minimalist seems overwhelming. Where do I begin? What do I do with excess stuff? How do I decide whats worth keeping?  Growing up as someone who worshipped material things the idea of becoming a minimalist scared the crap out of me. I didn’t know who I would be without all […]

Self-love – How discovering energy work saved my life

Self love is definitely something that has been thrown around the internet a lot recently – but it’s so important. It’s so vital when trying to become a healthy, balanced human being. It’s so much more than getting a massage and buying expensive face masks. Growing up I was diagnosed with a lot of things – […]

Being sensitive in a desensitised world: how to handle it

When I began looking into the term ’empath’, I related to everything about it. For the first time in my life, my ‘over sensitive’ nature made sense. My softness is not my weakness. My sensitivity is not my weakness. It is my strength. If you find yourself often taking on other peoples feelings and picking […]